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Server ID 534587307
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Map Ocean
Country United States
Game Mode PvP
First Seen Nov 18, 2021
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Mods Tame Overhaul
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eco's RP Decor (Continued)
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ATLAS Harvester 10k 10% (v0.7.1)
eco's ATLAS Foliage (Continued)
ATLAS Beastmaster (v0.11.1)
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High Caliber Gaming

Black Sails RP The Veiled Isles (PC Only)

Pirate activity became so rampant that the Government feared for the long-term survival of its land. The Crown sent a letter to the Navy Captain to recruit more who are willing to join the King’s Guard. On the other side Pirate Companies are welcoming more Mateys to outnumber the growing Navy. Both sides are also looking for farmers, traders and blacksmiths.

Join us and make your decision, which side will you join? There can be only one winner.


Server info:

4x4 (16 grids) Server with all resources, power stones and quests!


All our settings are set to be as realistic as possible, and our goal is to provide an immersive roleplay experience to all that join our server.

Some of the server mods:

- ATLAS Harvester 10k 10%
- Tame Overhaul
- ATLAS Beastmaster
- Pirates Roam
- Custom Shipyards
- Ship Repair Crew
- CG Ships
-[SPUK] Advanced Structures
-More Crops
- Figureheads and Ship Essentials - ZZGaming Edition
- ATLAS Architect
- Rustic Buildings
- eco's ATLAS Foliage
- eco's ATLAS Foliage
- Peachy Atlas Decor
- Peachy Ship Decor
- Paintable Atlas Furniture
- Paintable Atlas Interior
- Lanterns & Torches Galore


Some of rules:

Stay in character - Character must have name relevant to time period.

If is not realistic DON*T do it.

No meta.

No grieving other players.


We strive to bring all our players together, by providing events and contests for our community regularly.
We also provide our community the opportunity to roleplay (RP) in a non-toxic environment, regardless of your side (Pirate, King Guard or Privateer) and an even playing field for all how join our journey.

Join our discord

Server Owner: commandertdawg
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