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Server ID 534499975
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Map Ocean
Country United States
Game Mode PvP
First Seen Nov 7, 2021
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Mods Tame Overhaul
Atlas Transfer\Pickup Gun
[SPUK] Advanced Structures
Figureheads and Ship Essentials
eco's RP Decor (Continued)
Custom Item Stacks v2.4
ATLAS Overseer (v0.9)
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Server Reviews
Profile Picture
Posted by Beechies

With 3-5 players at the prime time, you will have lots of islands to claim and conquer alone ...enjoy!

Profile Picture
Posted by AlexJaneway

Server is great. The multipliers are set good. The server owner is setting up all the mods to work perfectly together. And it is not a pain in the a to start off.

Profile Picture
Posted by schneidy

Great server, active community and super helpful admins. Couldn't ask for a better experience. This has been my first Atlas RP and its been great so far.

Profile Picture
Posted by Krisa0131

Have fun on Black Sails RP! Good admin team that are engaged and dedicated to build a good RP community.

Profile Picture
Posted by Beechies

Nice community, good admins. I was looking for a healthy roleplaying atmosphere server where I feel at home and I found it on Black Sails RP server. Come join us!

Profile Picture
Posted by commandertdawg

We try to provide a immersive experience and a safe non toxic place to play

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Server Description
High Caliber Gaming

Black Sails RP (First Chapter) (PC Only)

Pirate activity became so rampant that the Government feared for the long-term survival of its land. The Crown sent a letter to the Navy Captain to recruit more who are willing to join the King’s Guard. On the other side Pirate Companies are welcoming more Mateys to outnumber the growing Navy. Both sides are also looking for farmers, traders and blacksmiths.

Join us and make your decision, which side will you join? There can be only one winner.


Server info:

4x4 (16 grids) Server with all resources, power stones and quests!

All our settings are set to be as realistic as possible, and our goal is to provide an immersive roleplay experience to all that join our server.

Some of the server mods:

-Custom Item Stacks
-Figureheads and Ship Essentials
-Lanterns & Torches Galore
-Peachy Ship Decor
-Peachy Atlas Decor
-CG Ships
-Ship Repair Crew
-[SPUK] Advanced Structures
-More Crops
-Tame Overhaul
-Rustic Buildings
-eco*s ATLAS Foliage
-Pirate Roam


Some of rules:

Stay in character - Character must have name relevant to time period.

If is not realistic DON*T do it.

No meta.

No grieving other players.


We strive to bring all our players together, by providing events and contests for our community regularly.
We also provide our community the opportunity to roleplay (RP) in a non-toxic environment, regardless of your side (Pirate, King Guard or Privateer) and an even playing field for all how join our journey.

Join our discord

Black Sails RP Lore:

The Veiled Isles have been untouched by outsiders for generations, ruled by a recluse of a king named Modi. The Isles spanned for miles left unknown to the rest of the world. Rich in resources both golden and otherwise couldn’t stay hidden for long. Legends of untold wealth reached the ears of Thatcher *The Butcher* Scruggs and The Tide*s Fury pirates. He along with his whole armada found their way into the isles immediately clashing with King Modi.

The King, not wanting the Isles to fall to such treacherous hands, looked for any way to grow his might and push the intruders back. If by a bit of luck or fate a storm had pushed a famed pirate by the name of Johnny Skyraven into the Veiled Isles. The Storm may have claimed Johnny, but his son Torvald was able to survive the maelstrom. Torvald, rich with his father*s Knowledge of pirates, soon became a great aid to King Modi*s fight against the & *Tide*s Fury Pirates*. King Modi soon formed an elite armada to protect the seas with the name of &*The King*s Guard*. However, the sheer number of pirates that flocked to the banners of The Tide*s Fury began to overwhelm the King*s Guard. Through rumors and curiosity, the song of the Veiled Isles reached the ears of a young ambitious privateer Edward Booth.

Booth had thoughts of wealth and to make a name for himself in this new world sought out Torvald and the King*s Guard. A pact was made between the two and the Island now known as the Devil*s Rock was gifted to Edward Booth and in return, he and his Wyvern Trading Co. became the first Privateers of The Veiled Isles. Edward Booth and & *Seas the Day*, his prized flag ship, became much needed allies in this war. The fledgling alliance combined their might and with a final battle in the Northeastern Isles Torvald and his flagship *Beowulf* with *Seas the Day* on his flank sank & *Ode to Fury* and & *The Butcher* with it. The victory over The Tide*s Fury was bittersweet because Thatcher*s death awakened dormant evil in the Isles. The blackened soul of The Butcher corrupted the northeastern islands making them treacherous places and the damned spawned in his wake for if he could not have the riches of this place the dead would plague the waters for all who called The Veiled Isles home.

Torvald set out to rebuild Portsmouth and Edward established trade in Devil*s Rock. What little Pirates that were left scattered but fears of a new Pirate Lord to band them together looms in the mind of Torvald and the new residents of The Veiled Isles.
Server Owner: commandertdawg
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