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Server ID 103432063
IP Address (Game Port) (Query Port)
Map Blackwood
Country United States
Game Mode PvE
First Seen Feb 12, 2021
Last Seen 3 minutes ago
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Posted by nikolaslord

This is a great server with fast acting Admins who are also fair and unbiased. I quit after the maps broke but a friend showed me this server I been hooked since.

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Posted by Sharky0917

This is the best server i have played on they say on top of things that come up and they will work well in to the night fixing problems. the admin team is one of the best teams out there for atlas. they have a top notch discord and webpage. they make the game much more exciting and fun to play.

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Server Description
Coastal Savage Seas - 36 grids of PVEVP

Coastal Savage Seas map consists of a unique format that can easily be enjoyed by all players.

Attention PVE Players- This is not a PVE Server. Our server allows for both styles of play to be experienced in a way that is challenging yet fun. There are many aspects of PVE that can be enjoyed however there is some risk to your items at times. It is up to you to protect your efforts. There are gameplay rules that must be followed and you are expected to treat everyone with respect at all times.
Attention PVP Players- This is not a PVP Server. Our server allows for both styles of play that is more relaxed and rewarding than a Toxic Full PVP environment. There are gameplay rules that must be followed and you are expected to treat everyone with respect at all times.

The Savage Seas format works like this-
All grids except the Admin and Battle grid are set to Regular PVP with no combat or war declaration timers. This means no land raiding but the seas are hostile. Your bases and boats will be protected as long as they are built/anchored at an island you own or your alliance owns.
Every 4 days a Combat Wave will flow into a set of grids. A set of grids is all grids under one column. Example would be A1,A2,A3,A4,A5,A6. So for 4 days all the islands in A grids would have 1hr combat phases and the option of a 2hr War Declaration. After the 4 days, the combat wave would flow into all the B Grids with the same effects. After those 4 days it would flow into the C grids and so on and so on. All island owners can change their combat phase start times to ensure you can be online to protect your items should the need occur.
Wave Immunity is available and it’s a way for players to avoid the Combat wave effects. Wave immunity will be offered to one grid per column when the wave hits. It is up to the players to decide which grid gets the immunity. The first grid resident to deliver 3 million gold coin to the admin island bank will gain immunity for their grid during one combat wave duration. All column grids will compete against each other for immunity between each combat wave revolution.
The Map also has a Battle Grid called HELLS HALLWAY. This grid is under 24/7 lawless PVP settings with extremely high wild dino damage boosts. Players are encouraged to battle for and claim the islands and seaforts in this grid to win fuel.
Server Owner: thecoastalescape
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