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Server ID 103854649
IP Address (Game Port) (Query Port)
Map Ocean
Country United States
Game Mode PvE
First Seen Apr 4, 2021
Last Seen 7 minutes ago
Mods No Mods Found
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Posted by scarstitchez

You know I defended this admin previously but today that ends. I being as friendly as possible provided some constructive criticism. Instead of listening or just telling me it was not needed the guy chose to be an angry teenager and booted me from the server discord with no warnings or anything. I am so glad the maps were broken which had kept me from spending any cash in his store. I was overly friendly with you kiddo. You chose to be a douche. Good luck with your empty server.

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Posted by scarstitchez

Not sure what Becareful's issue is. Joining a discord isnt painful at all and the server so far seems great. My company mates seem to be enjoying themselves as do I when I get to play. Right now spring fishing gets priority over gaming so I am out at the lake a lot lol.

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Posted by Becareful

Server is good but. owner is shit.he force player to join server dc if u dont want to join dc.owner take over all your items and island it's just a kid.Dont play here i suggest.

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