11/6 Gaming-Evolved Atlas 143Grids|8 Regions


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Server ID 104905580
IP Address (Game Port) (Query Port)
Map Ocean
Country United States
Game Mode PvE
First Seen Jul 27, 2021
Last Seen 8 seconds ago
Mods No Mods Found
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Server Reviews
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Posted by rahan4you

An awesome team that created a very enjoyable and unique server. I highly recommended it!

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Posted by Gallus

Such a great server, hands down the Admin and Owner actually care. It says alot about the server management when you can leave a review :)

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Posted by Cognitive

When I first tried to sign up on this website I couldn't because yahoo mail wasn't allowed. But after continuing to play on this server and enjoying myself I put in the effort to log in to this website so I can vote for it. Good players, good admins.

Profile Picture
Posted by Fakked

amazing server. amazing people! and a good time to be had. 10/10

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Posted by Marcopolo

Best server I’ve ever played on. Friendly, helpful community which is very active. Admin is extremely helpful as well. Problems get addressed quickly, and there isn’t a toxic atmosphere at all.

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Posted by pikasso

better then official, thats for sure!

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Server Owner: Hggjoswanson
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