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Server ID 100967229
IP Address (Game Port) (Query Port)
Map Ocean
Country Germany
Game Mode PvE
First Seen May 27, 2020
Last Seen 22 seconds ago
Mods Radioactive ATLAS Mod
Radioactive Map Additions
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Server Description
Still looking for the perfect server?
Look no further!
No Bullshit, no Wipes! Up to 200 Players daily!

You're just starting? All beginnings are hard, especially at low rates, so all players who haven't reached level 30 now have a permanent x2 Harvest Boost!

Radioactive Atlas is a 6x6 Map that combines the best of both worlds PvE & PvP.
We have 30 Grids of PvE Action and when we say Action we mean it!
2 NPC Factions are having a full blown war at all times in each grid, the Pirates the navy.
Wether you stay out of it or help one faction is your decision. We have a game changing standing-system that adjust wether these factions are your friends or your foes. But that’s not all, new species of whales are roaming the ocean, new animals that you will meet on your journeys and more mythical creatures on the PowerStone island.
Radioactive Atlas also features a new type of Enemy the Haunted, these undead appear once you activate the strange haunted chests that promise treasure and glory, if you survive the waves of undead and can actually defend it (Completely different treasure system that comes in addition to the vanilla one)

„Okay so you got Animals, Factions, more Content and Challenges anything else?“
Glad that you asked! We are the only server that feature a completely new system: Magic, yes you heard right, through Alchemy you can get all requirements to become able to cast spells, but alchemy does have other uses too, if you dare to explore them.
There’s also rituals you can perform to ease some things up, if you dare to pay the bloody price that is!
Not so much a fan of that? Then how about new ships? We feature 2 complete new ships: the Dschunke a ship that is between the Schooner and the Brig and the Steamship which runs on coal, can sail against the wind and can transport tons of resources at the cost of speed!

So you are into PvP? Awesome then dare to enter our Grids A6-F6 and compete against other pesky pirates in this pure PvP environment. If you have enough you are free to boost about your victories in the tavern!

Attention Breeders:
Sometimes too many animals?
Our unique stable system allows you to store animals in any freeport or trading post and pick them up at any stable. Later on you can also set up your own stable! Comes with 1000 Slots per player! So your takes are in good care!

Attention Builders:

Build something beautiful.
The modpack from Radioactive now offers well over 1000 decorative items, some of which bring new features to the game. There's also plenty of structure to choose from with over 36 stone and 18 wood variations!

What are you waiting for? The world of Radioactive Atlas is waiting for you! ?>
Server Owner: RadioactiveAtlas
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