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Server ID 103854630
IP Address (Game Port) (Query Port)
Map Ocean
Country Germany
Game Mode PvE
First Seen Mar 19, 2021
Last Seen 3 minutes ago
Mods Unknown Mod
Unknown Mod
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Server Reviews
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Posted by weedox

arrrrw... this is a nice server, i can build my own ships to fight and for the arrrrw drip ! No cap, arrrrw

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Posted by Kapinga

I've been on this server for almost a year. I've tried a couple of the other top servers on the list and this one I like the most. Some are way too easy but this one provides real challenges, and you can't just be a wallet warrior to succeed. The admins take care of issues quickly, especially down grids or trickle-down issues from official updates. They write their own mods which you have probably used on other servers and some that are exclusive to this one. Also, they don't wipe as frequently as the others. Pretty much only if they have to or like recently when there were significant changes to the map.

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Posted by Orumis

Hi im not currently playing at the server anymore but im still in the discord the server owner requested an review of his server 1st things 1st i dont agree with @Ghostlands the owner is Not like that person From Germans history but more to that after my revew he removes the Farmhouses Warehouses and markets from the game but implents farming animals (Metal) and custom ships to the game The server is good and Stable If you not alianated by the Removal of vanilla Features it is a good server who goes his own way well the server is good but the owner is not a Nice guy even if you are A Patreon supporter if you ask to mutch he blocks you in discord i know he did that to me even that he wasnt doing any updates to the mod i supported him for even that he explained to me that he couldn't do any updates to his mod i supported him for in 2020 i continued Patreon But after he had time he just updated his Atlas mods who i didnt support him for

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Posted by Mockerla

Das is bei weitem der beste server den ich kenne,die Admins und der Besitzer sind immer freundlich und nett haben für jedes anliegen ein offens Ohr,helfen wo sie können und stehn mit rat und tat zur seite. Und die Events die sie sich einfallen lassen sind beeindruckend genauso wie die mods einfach alles perfekt für mich einfach der beste serrver Forever

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Posted by SonjaValentine

The best Atlas server that I have had the pleasure to play on. The admins and mods care about the game and want to make it as fun and entertaining as possible. They are constantly coming up with ways to improve not only the server but the game itself through their mods.

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Posted by Koanid

If you are looking for a server with long-term fun and recognition value, Radioactiv is exactly the right thing. I'm playing on the cluster for the second time now and just how much the in-house mod has developed further is bombastic, just the number of self-created ships that are not available on the official server. The admins are busy, but that is 80% due to the development of the server and the mod. If you need help, you can get it from the other players and if it's something bigger, you can write a ticket to the admins, who always solve it pretty quickly. All in all, a great server on which I spend my time well and gladly.

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Server Owner: RadioactiveAtlas
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